Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday.. Our Last Day in London

This morning we woke up really early (well an hour and half later than when David first woke Mar up) and headed out to Saint Paul's Cathedral.... This time we were too early... Apparently it doesn't really open at 8am... more like 930am... liers..

We headed up the 600 or so stairs to the top of the dome.....
(this is not the top)

The hallways narrowed and shrank as we climbed higher.. We even had to duck our heads through some areas (see below)

(After this we both looked at each other and thought we'd love to see Rob attempt this)

Finally we made it to the top (after all of 10 min) of intense climbing and a few stops for sightseeing

The view from the top.

Next, we went on the train to Greenwich (it was too cold and wet to take the boat)

What David thinks of the coffee here... blehhhhh. David's quote "It is fricken horrible. I'd rather drink Starbucks." Of course they don't have Dunkin Donuts. Apparently America is the only country that runs on it.......However, Strongbow is everywhere...."Awesommeeeeee"

Marianne then attempted to climb a wall in Greenwich..... with anti climbing paint she went nowhere fast.

Next we went over to a pub near Harrods (the big shopping mall here) and had sausage and mash (duhh and Strongbow), which does in fact taste better than it looks. :)

Tribute to Princess Diana in Harrods..

PS.... Yesterday we forgot to tell you about the funniest thing that happened to Marianne. After we went to breakfast we went back to the room to hang out for a little before going to Stonehenge... David put the MAID SERVICE sign on the door for new towels, sheets, and glasses (since thats what normal people do in hotels). Unfortunately while he was in the bathroom a maid came in while Marianne was asleep on the bed and tried to wake her up. Once slightly conscious Marianne preceeded to give the maid a nice big KISS. Lucky for her the maid was fully conscious and backed away. She then said, "I come back in 20 min, I so sorry."

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  1. Oh ya I would've totally fit in those tight areas! I am tight like a tiger! Keep the pics and stories goin! And shame on u Mar for trying to swindle your way out of tipping the Cleaning Room Service personnel by trying to seduce them with a kiss. Well I am surprised I thought the europeans always kissed eachother. Most like both sides of the fence too... :)