Sunday, March 21, 2010

Three Days Til We Leave!

Wednesday night we are flying out to Newark... then from there we still are not sure where we will be headed... its looking like Glasgow, Scottland or Manchester, England. The hardest thing for Mar about this trip is only being able to take a carry on for 10 days :) since we cant check any bags...


  1. AHHHHH!! im SO excited for you two!!!

    ok if you are in London go to the Leaky Cauldron (in the theatre district) and go see a play! you can get discount tickets in Leister square any time. go to the tower of London too! it's amazing! and go to stonehenge, you're so close you HAVE to go! it's incredible! Eat tons of yummy pastys and get macaroons!! they are nothing like american macaroons and they are AMAZING! especially in Paris. tell me where you're going and i'll tell you things to see and do :)

    love you girlie!! you're going to have SOOO much fun! take a zilllllion pictures! cant wait to see you and catch up when i move home!

  2. and a carry on is hard but you can do it! i did it when i went for 6 weeks, crazy but it works out lol you can always buy stuff there too