Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday.. Our Last Day in London

This morning we woke up really early (well an hour and half later than when David first woke Mar up) and headed out to Saint Paul's Cathedral.... This time we were too early... Apparently it doesn't really open at 8am... more like 930am... liers..

We headed up the 600 or so stairs to the top of the dome.....
(this is not the top)

The hallways narrowed and shrank as we climbed higher.. We even had to duck our heads through some areas (see below)

(After this we both looked at each other and thought we'd love to see Rob attempt this)

Finally we made it to the top (after all of 10 min) of intense climbing and a few stops for sightseeing

The view from the top.

Next, we went on the train to Greenwich (it was too cold and wet to take the boat)

What David thinks of the coffee here... blehhhhh. David's quote "It is fricken horrible. I'd rather drink Starbucks." Of course they don't have Dunkin Donuts. Apparently America is the only country that runs on it.......However, Strongbow is everywhere...."Awesommeeeeee"

Marianne then attempted to climb a wall in Greenwich..... with anti climbing paint she went nowhere fast.

Next we went over to a pub near Harrods (the big shopping mall here) and had sausage and mash (duhh and Strongbow), which does in fact taste better than it looks. :)

Tribute to Princess Diana in Harrods..

PS.... Yesterday we forgot to tell you about the funniest thing that happened to Marianne. After we went to breakfast we went back to the room to hang out for a little before going to Stonehenge... David put the MAID SERVICE sign on the door for new towels, sheets, and glasses (since thats what normal people do in hotels). Unfortunately while he was in the bathroom a maid came in while Marianne was asleep on the bed and tried to wake her up. Once slightly conscious Marianne preceeded to give the maid a nice big KISS. Lucky for her the maid was fully conscious and backed away. She then said, "I come back in 20 min, I so sorry."

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today we woke up really early and had our free (not so tasty) hotel breakfast. Apple Juice should be served cold FYI! Davids pancakes... delicious :) We headed back towards our first (and much better hotel) for our tour to Stonehenge.

We took a two hour bus ride to get out there. We talked, played some cards, and Mar ate even after breakfast.

Despite the way the photos look (super cute) it was cold as "shyte". There was rain and a crazy wind that left the two of us numb. David was only wearing a T shirt and windbreaker (as usual).

After walking around the circle of rocks (which Marianne believes aliens brought) and listening to our audio guides. We grabbed coffee and hot chocolate and headed back to the tour bus to warm up.

After all the coffee, hot chocolate and warming up, we felt the need to get rid of some energy... (see below)

Marianne's sugar crashed followed



Monday morning we woke up refreshed and in a fun loving mood.

However, that was due to much needed sleep for the blonde one, not the fact that we finally found out that "giraffe" is not a gay bar. Before going to see Kensington Palace and Hyde park we grabbed some authentic English cuisine. Marianne had the Greek sandwich and David had the BBQ Chicken Quesadilla.

After a few hours of walking around the palace garden and hyde park, we decided to head over to St. Paul's Cathedral. Unfortunately, they only believe in having church open from 8:30 to 4:00 in England. We arrived at 4:15, so needless to say we were told to come back at a later day for a tour. All of that was still not enough to stop us from taking obscene photos of the outside "haha, take that sucka."

evidence A
evidence B

After the Cathedral we headed to our favorite mall to get some groceries for our room. We had a nice little picnic while we watched Friends and of course Top Gear. On the menu was bread, CHEESE, pepperoni, CHICKEN, and fruit (pineapple, and MANGO.)

Once we finished dinner we headed out for a walk and decided to stop for a drink at a local watering hole or pub. The drinks were very good and surprisingly cheap. The menu (food) was unfortunately "shyte." A short time later it was off to bed with the proper necessities after a night of drinking (notice the liquid).

Marianne's Nightstand

David's Nightstand

Saturday night/Sunday

We decided to play it safe Saturday night by going to "The Iron Duke," obviously not a gay bar by the name. However, the following (pictures and description of Sunday) may cause you to think otherwise........

Sunday morning we had to change to our new (and originally scheduled) hotel in Kensington. After the longest time spent in the tube (aka subway if you have not read the earlier posts', hint hint wink wink) due to every line except for two being down for maintenance we decided to go shopping. Turns out they have a Westfield mall right by our hotel.

If anyone is planning a visit to England keep in mind that malls have tons of stores, but only five main categories; designer hand bags, watches, shoes (but everyone wears old trashy shoes), pharmacies, and cosmetics. On an up side they have a wine bar in the center of the walk-ways and once you have had enough red to turn your teeth a pink tint you can then get your teeth whitened ten feet to the left. After all of those exciting stops you can then stop in the grocerystore on the way out (which is also in the mall).

Saturday, March 27, 2010

hey people better comment or we are done posting.. haha.. it seems like were just talking to ourselves...

Saturdayyyy (day light savings time AGAIN)

Today we went to Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of the guards… still super boring so we left after like 10 minutes… We then left and went down to Tower Hill and saw the London Bridge and the Tower of London … along with the Crown Jewels.

Marianne made the guard laugh it was super funny. It then started downpour raining and the two of us became wet dogs and ran back to the hotel before we were completely soaked. Tonight we are probably going to go to the pub across the street The Iron Duke… Or to this bar across the street called The Giraffe… David thinks it’s a gay bar… I’m beginning to think he is right since the sign is all rainbow ☺ (ya its looking more like the Iron Duke tonight)

Of course when we come over here we are going to have to go through another day light savings thing tonight and loose an hour… o well. Tomorrow we are changing hotels again over into Kensington.