Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friday-Are you sure? Nope!

Today we slept in pretty late …

Our hotel had a trouser press..

hopped on the bus back to the airport and then paid for our underground (subway) passes for the week and took the tube (another way to say subway) all the way to our hotel in Victoria. The main phrase of this day was “are you sure?” and the main response “nope” … ex. Are you sure you know where your going? Nope…. Are you sure this is the right hotel? Nope…. Hahaha. ☺ So when we got to our hotel, they couldn’t find our reservation so we headed to this cute little bar in our hotel.

Then they finally found our reservation and we dropped off our stuff and headed out. We went down to Westminister for Big Ben, Parliament and the London Eye. SOOOO much fun. How can you tell the difference between an American and an English person? Shoeeesssss

Then we went over to Trafalgar Square and went through the National Gallery and saw Rembrandts self portrait… After all the paintings started looking the same we left and went to The Prince of Wales pub for dinner. David ordered nachos with no salsa and of course they kept thinking he was saying sauce… It wasn't until he used an English accent for the word salsa that they had any clue at all what he was saying..


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  1. Hey,

    Glad to hear that you are having a great time. We are enjoying your posts and pictures.

    Mom and Dad