Thursday, March 25, 2010


So we landed into London Heathrow about 930 this evening... We are exhausted... neither David or Marianne slept more than two hours in all of this traveling. We lucked out on the seats to London. We started out not sitting together but the guy sitting next to Marianne asked if she wanted him to switch seats with David! What a nice guy!!!! (he moved from an isle seat to a middle seat). We honestly had the absolute best (non first class) seats you could ask for. We sat in the emergency exit and were able to have all the leg room in the world as well as recline pretty far back.. that will some fun movies made for such an awesome trip... So we landed and when through customs super quick... then tried to get to the hotel....

It was freezing here so we decided we would try to take a cab over to the hotel... Let me tell you first the hotel is only 3 miles from the airport... the cab driver wanted 60 pounds..... uhhhh heck no! really like 90 dollars for 3 miles????

So instead we took a bus from the airport directly to the hotel for only 8 pounds!!!! David was so funny about OH MY GOSH they are driving on the wrong side of the road. hahaha... So we are at the hotel exhausted as can be! and headed to bed.. i think its like a little after midnight here and for some reason David isnt that tired ... but Marianne for sure is and surprisingly not grumpy!!!! (i know mom, wierd huh?)

Anyways, tomorrow we are going to get our passes for the underground and decided where we want to stay for the next two days!!!!!

We are so excited and cant wait to get up and start our vacation!!!!!!!!!!

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