Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today we woke up really early and had our free (not so tasty) hotel breakfast. Apple Juice should be served cold FYI! Davids pancakes... delicious :) We headed back towards our first (and much better hotel) for our tour to Stonehenge.

We took a two hour bus ride to get out there. We talked, played some cards, and Mar ate even after breakfast.

Despite the way the photos look (super cute) it was cold as "shyte". There was rain and a crazy wind that left the two of us numb. David was only wearing a T shirt and windbreaker (as usual).

After walking around the circle of rocks (which Marianne believes aliens brought) and listening to our audio guides. We grabbed coffee and hot chocolate and headed back to the tour bus to warm up.

After all the coffee, hot chocolate and warming up, we felt the need to get rid of some energy... (see below)

Marianne's sugar crashed followed



  1. Stonehenge was created as the official drinking game for the Gods humility towards stupid humans. The rules are you must drink 10 pints of beer in 5 min and then be blind folded and must run through the "crochet" stands. The stones were all originally constructed without the "roofs". 8x out of 10 drunken humans would run into one of stones and be rendered unconscious. This resulted in a large outburst of laughter! "Roofs" were later placed ontop of the stones as a symbol of how to protect yourself from the Gods hands flailing from the uncontrollable laughter.

  2. Well at least that's what an Irishman told me in a pub once.