Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Saturday night/Sunday

We decided to play it safe Saturday night by going to "The Iron Duke," obviously not a gay bar by the name. However, the following (pictures and description of Sunday) may cause you to think otherwise........

Sunday morning we had to change to our new (and originally scheduled) hotel in Kensington. After the longest time spent in the tube (aka subway if you have not read the earlier posts', hint hint wink wink) due to every line except for two being down for maintenance we decided to go shopping. Turns out they have a Westfield mall right by our hotel.

If anyone is planning a visit to England keep in mind that malls have tons of stores, but only five main categories; designer hand bags, watches, shoes (but everyone wears old trashy shoes), pharmacies, and cosmetics. On an up side they have a wine bar in the center of the walk-ways and once you have had enough red to turn your teeth a pink tint you can then get your teeth whitened ten feet to the left. After all of those exciting stops you can then stop in the grocerystore on the way out (which is also in the mall).

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