Thursday, March 25, 2010

About to leave :)

David and Marianne finally got their seats to the armpit of America known as Newark. East coast here we come. Next stop the motherland of UK... 

So check this out... Mariannes mom
Just dropped us off up here in Orange county .. Our flight leaves at 915 tonight and we should get in to Newark at 515am (that's 215am sd time) ya kinda early .. Anyways we are still unsure were we are going tomorrow .. But I think we ruled out scottland ... So it's looking like Manchester London and Birmingham are our top choices :) we are sooooo excited!!!!!

More to come :) 

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  1. Hello David and Marianne,

    This is your other sister-lol, and I am reading your wonderful blog with your parents.

    We are definitely reading and were unable to post a profile on blogspot. Take lots of pics, have a blast, and next time, take us along:).

    Cheers and much love,
    Jennifer, Mom & Dad