Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Today we woke up pretty early and went walking over to the Dublin Bus headquarters for our tour of Northern Irelands coast and Malahide castle. The last person to live in the castle was in 1978, which was one of the members of the family who occupied the castle for the previous 800 years. She recently died one year ago at the age of 93. A jester by the name of Puck still haunts the castle every time something he does not like happens. The most recent event was when some of the original items from the family were auctioned off. He is four feet tall and has his own door (doggie door) in the dining room.

The tour then also took us through the coast of Ireland. It showed us the school were the band U2 met and formed.

The bus driver was hilarious and even let David behind the wheel (Now he can work the wheel chair lift on any bus ☺ ) We learned from the driver that the streets of Ireland aren’t really full of potholes. They drive in Braille.

After the tour we went over to this big Irish souvenir shop. They have absolutely everything in there.

We watched the Invention of Lying this afternoon. And now we are going to pack and check in for our flight tomorrow. We are going to have to get up at 445am here (930pm at home if you are Marianne. The real time is 9:45pm) ohhh boy….
Kristie, we got a picture of a funny looking European for you, and there is a ton of really cool Guinness merchandise. Rob you should really visit here and get what you want for yourself cuz we have no room in our bags… sorry ☹

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